Understanding Brain Injury

Look at this picture. Can you find the brain stem?  It’s the orange part of the brain in this photo.  That’s where a lot of the CP injuries take place.  Do you see how close it is to the ear?  When I was born, my cord was wrapped around my ear.  My ear was pressed a long time against my mother’s pelvis.  That stopped oxygen and blood from reaching my brain stem.  That’s how I was injured.

The brainstem is where man is different from animals.  That’s where we learn to walk, talk, read, write, learn to use our thumbs against our fingers, and learn to differentiate things by feeling with our hands.  If you are injured here in even one area it could stop development in the other areas mentioned.  That’s the funny part.  We are tricked into thinking we cannot learn to read or write or speak, but with hard work we can get around the roadblock, reconnect and them make good progress.

Please help me reconnect and get around my roadblocks.


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